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Hi, I'm Amy and I love clean beauty. 

Amy has been a professional makeup artist and hairstylist for over 12 years. She got her start doing makeup for film, tv, and commercials and has worked on such tv shows as Blue Bloods, Homeland, and Smash. Amy became passionate about finding safer alternatives to skincare and makeup she was using on actors and clients when she learned about the lack of regulation of the personal care industry in this country. She became a Beautycounter consultant in 2016 and stands behind their mission of getting safer and high performing products into the hands of everyone. Amy loves researching clean beauty brands and finding the best of the best safe products that are out there. She takes what she has learned from her film and television work and brings it to the every day woman. Nothing is more beautiful than bringing out a woman's unique features and allowing her natural beauty to shine through. 

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